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Peaceful and intelligent co-parenting is probably the greatest gift you can give to your children - and we all know that children whose parents are locked in conflict are likely to stray into self-destructive areas. Ironically, when children become damaged by the battles of their parents these consequences tend to replay throughout their life times and even get passed onto the next generation. But while you live, you will pay for their suffering - whether it is because they become alienated, unemployed, addicted, dependent upon you, or produce grandchildren for you to care for when their lives implode. We all know families where this suffering dominates the lives of parents and kids.

Obviously this characterization doesn't apply to every child of divorced parents. But with over 125 years of combined experience working with families within and without the legal system, our perspective is a fair assessment for many. We know that mediation improves the odds for those you love, and for yourselves!

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