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LAFMS Team Leader, Hon. Gretchen Taylor to Moderate Upcoming Beverly Hills Bar Association , Family Law Section Dinner!

LAFMS member, Hon. Gretchen Taylor will be the moderator for the upcoming Beverly Hills Bar Association, Family Law Section dinner meeting on July 25th , 2012 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The event is called "Meet the Mental Health Professionals" and presents a unique opportunity for the Los Angeles' bench officers and attorney Bar to meet and mingle with the many providers of these services to the family law community.

Please register and view the event details on the BHBA website or call 310-601-2425 if you wish to attend.

This is the first mixer of this type.The event is an outgrowth of the increasing recognition by judges and attorneys of the  important interconnectedness of the fields of law and mental health that respond to, and offer, harmony, balance and coordination in helping families and individuals through the shoals of transition caused by divorce and its attendant dissent.

The vision that LAFMS offers to opposite and same-sex partners in relationship transition places the parties, and not the 'experts', in charge of their journey. This cooperative model of mediation values the direct input of mental health professionals as well as attorney advocacy and forensic opinion. The value to family law professionals, and those we exist to assist, the interdisciplinary feedback is beginning to be noticed in the professional community. Children are not only the winners in this model!

Clients and attorneys alike are expressing their gratitude at conflict resolution with efficiency and true concern for the future well being of the participants and their children. Judge Taylor is honored to help to spearhead this transformation.

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