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Terry M. Hargrave, CPA, Joins LAFMS As a Forensic Co-Mediator!

We are pleased to announce that Terry M. Hargrave, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFE has joined our Los Angeles Family Mediation Services (LAFMS) team as a forensic accountant and co-mediator.

Terry is well known to the Los Angeles Bench and Bar, having served as a forensic CPA in innumerable complex and simple matters relating to divorce and matrimonial disputes. At Hargrave & Hargrave she manages a team of forensic professionals in complex property financial tracing matters, business valuations, property characterization, Moore-Marsden apportionments, cash flow available for support, evaluating the marital standard of living and much more.

Together with the LAFMS mediators and co-mediators, Terry combines an extremely grounded and generous personality structure with considerable expertise and accounting insight and acuity in helping parties interested in mediated resolutions to their relationship transitions to achieve their most mutually favorable and sensible settlements.

We are grateful to have her on board!

LAFMS offers and incomparable full service team of legal, financial and mental health experts for you California family peacemaking experience!

Posted By Los Angeles Family Mediation Services on October 08, 2011 09:27 am | Permalink 


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