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What We Do

Divorce mediation should be individually tailored to fit the needs and circumstances of each couple and each family. For this reason we offer a menu of mediation configurations to support you within the process. Mediating your matter successfully is much larger than simply achieving stipulations, Stipulated Judgments of Dissolution, custody agreements, or other temporary and permanent agreements it includes promoting a tone of cooperation and civility that survives the end of relationship, and therefore makes resolutions enduring and honorable. Often such an outcome seems challenging, particularly early on in the emotionally charged environment of recent separation. For this reason we encourage parties to consider utilizing our mental health professional team members even outside of the mediation hall, to identify and cope with the natural reactivity that reasonably arises during the process.

We offer

  • One Mediator Mediation Solutions
  • Co-Mediation Involving a Legal Expert and a Mental Health Expert Solutions
  • Co-Mediation Over Complex Financial Issues, Including Support and Businesses, Typically Including Our Accounting Mediator
  • Integrative Mediation,Which May Include Each Party Using A Same Gendered Therapist As a Coach and Advocate, Solutions
  • Therapeutic Co-Mediation, Typically Involving Child Related Issues With the Help of Our Mental Health Professionals

It is entirely possible to have a sane divorce, legal separation, or domestic partnership dissolution and to find and adopt win-win strategies for moving individuals and families forward. This only requires a mutual willingness and receptivity to investigating the mediation process. Each partner in relationship breakup holds the key to unlocking what they and the other partner needs to move forward, safely and with grace.


Mediation will lessen the financial expense attendant to the end of your partnership, marriage or relationship. Most importantly for parents, it can maximize the opportunity for co-parenting. Mediation will save assets for the future needs of this newly constituted family organization in lieu spending large sums on attorneys fees and experts hired to wage litigatioin and ultimately division.

Mediation is also not an easy process to estimate the cost of. The process is so intertwined woth your needs and issues that it can vary greatly from mediation to mediation.

During the couples sessions , the Petition for dissolution, the disclosures and other steps necessary to complete the case are completed. Many couples consult their own accountant or tax professional to help them complete the inventory of the financial issues.

Please contact LAFMS for a mediation evaluation. You have nothing to lose, but your life and dignity to regain and your finances and family to successfully protect when you succeed.

We Serve the Cities of Los Angeles County including L.A., Santa Monica, Century City, Hollywood, Pasadena, Venice, Brentwood, Westwood, and All the Rest!

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