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Los Angeles Family Mediation Services' Mission Statement

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We are committed to helping people whose marriage or partnership relationships are ending to explore healthy resolutions. People need expert information when they are faced with questions about dividing property, issues of monetary support, and custody and co-parenting. Los Angeles Family Mediation Services™ seeks to facilitate a balanced discussion about the emotional and financial issues that have a natural tendency to divide people, without the polarization that occurs when parties litigate. Our mission is to help people to craft agreements tailor-made for themselves.

When children are involved, our mediators and co-mediators can assist participants in developing parenting plans that are specific to their family, and sensitive to the actual needs of minors. Mediation at LAFMS strives to help parents learn to move beyond conflict, to develop cooperative co-parenting skills, and to minimize the negative effects of divorce on their children.

Experience has taught us that mediation allows parties to embark on a path that overcomes historical patterns of conflict, one that positively affects people's post-separation interactions and so provides safety to each. It becomes possible to overcome the cut-offs and cycles of dispute that otherwise are passed from generation to generation, which you may recall from your own family of origin.

"Our vision at LAFMS is to empower you in this journey."

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