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Los Angeles Family Law, Divorce and Domestic Partnership Mediation

Welcome to Los Angeles Family Mediation Services™!

(310) 948-6408

Thank you for visiting our site to learn about family mediation and to explore the possibility of mediating your matters. As we explain in our LAFMS Mission Statement,our goal is to improve your life during these difficult times. While our offices are located in Beverly Hills, we serve all the cities of the Los Angeles and Orange County.

Since one spouse or domestic partner may hear of us first, it is not uncommon for one person to try to contact LAFMS to learn more about the potential benefits of mediation. It is our policy to minimize direct contact between mediators and co-mediators and mediation participants outside of the mediation process, or before, except when both parties are actually in the communication loop or scheduling is being discussed. While we always strive to remain neutral, we have found that speaking or writing to one-half of a couple, especially during these difficult times, leads to concerns over bias. Therefore in response to your initial inquiry we will seek to avoid discussions of a substantive nature about your case or situation until the other party can be present and so participate.

If you send us an email, please copy it to the other party and if we respond we will do likewise. If you use the Contact LAFMS Email form on our site, we won't need to learn about the facts of your case at this time, but will endeavor to respond to you quickly.

What might be the best way to introduce the other party to mediation or encourage them to investigate whether it is the best choice for them? We have several suggestions:

  • Send them a link to this website.
  • It is possible for our offices to send a general letter of introduction, like emailing the contents of this page, to the other party as an invitation to schedule a first session.
  • Sit in on a busy Family Court calendar together at the nearest court to get a sense for the traditional experience.
  • Communicate respectively with one another more often than not. Avoid topics that trigger argument and save them for our mediation. Act sincerely in a way that gives the other confidence that mediation is do-able.
  • Avoid dialogue about the substance of your case outside of mediation. This helps the other party to feel safe and so to engage the process.
  • Don't tell the other party what they will agree to, and resist speaking for them. This dis-empowers people and makes them fearful that it will continue in the mediation room. People who are afraid to speak, if you won't allow them to talk for themselves, feel the need to hire a spokesperson - as in a lawyer.
  • Read about our mediators to see whether a particular member of the LAFMS Team resonates for you, or consider whether co-mediation (using a team ) makes sense.
  • If one partner refuses to think about mediation, mediation may not be appropriate for your situation. However, if each of you is willing to discuss mediation with us together, there is hope for mediating your matter. We are prepared to handle high-conflict relationship breakups.

We hope this information is helpful. You have taken an important first step by simply arriving here. The next is for you and your partner to an initial Meeting to decide whether mediation or litigation best serves your needs, and those of your family!

"Mediation Serves and Protects You and Your Extended Families"

Contact Los Angeles Family Mediation Services Today!

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