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the LAFMS mediation team

LAFMS consists of a legal professional, Retired Judge Gretchen W. Taylor, two mental health professionals, and one accounting expert. Cummulatively we comprise more than 135 years of experience assisting people through the most common but difficult of circumstances: The end of relationship.Other professionals can be invited to assist such as real estate appraisers, investment advisors and estate planning professionals.

The Honorable Gretchen W. Taylor, Judge Retired, who began practicing family law in Los Angeles in 1979, became a certified family law specialist in 1991, and then was asked to serve first as a Family Court Commissioner in Indio, Riverside County, and then next agreed to become a downtown Los Angeles Family Court judge until mid-2009, when she retired from the bench. Judge Taylor has been passionately assisting couples in complex situations since that time.

Dr. Jane Ellen Shatz received her Ph.D in psychology from USC in 1988. She frequently serves as an Evidence Code section 730 family evaluator in high-conflict move-away and custody and visitation cases, and is a specialist in child developmental needs. A past presidence of the California AFCC, she has published many journal articles and often teaches lawyers and parties to family law disputes about how to resolve conflict while protecting children's best interests.

Karen Horwitz is a collaboratively trained marriage and family therapist who helped to create the "parenting shadow" program used in high conflict, difficult custody and visitation disputes. She is an exceptional resource in challenging cases, whether they involve children or not, and is talented at redirecting the parties' focus to the commonality between what matters to each party.

Terry M. Hargrave of the Los Angeles accounting and divorce financial forensic firm of Hargrave & Hargrave is our newest addition to the LAFMS Team. She brings with her a widely known and deeply respected presence, as well as insights and empathy to help separating spouses and domestic partners in unwinding their financial affairs and in becoming self-supporting!

Karen Horwitz, M.A., M.F.T.

Karen Horwitz, MFT

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